Top global companies investing in Kenya are keen on sustainable offices considering the number of hours their workers spend in the office. A quick scan shows that companies such as Microsoft Africa and Google Africa have some of the most sustainable aboards as office space. Many of this offices have adapted the globally acclaimed EDGE technology which embraces excellence in design for greater efficiency.

What do you look for when looking for a place to call home?

It is common to have property prices adjusted when the home has a garden. Yes, backyards are a big deal as are green spaces where more and more investors are keen on moving into detached homes. In fact, more home buyers are more interested in homes where they can do gardening and this trend peaked during the COVID pandemic and with increased advocacy and awareness on global warming and climate change.

So when a customer asks for more in terms of lawns and yards, they will probably appreciate mature plants or trees and shrubs that add value to the property as well. There are many benefits to going green in the real estate sector. The first being that by so doing, one is creating an ambient environment.

Secondly such an environment brings positive energy to the mind body and soul. Thirdly is that green spaces offer an opportunity to provide food for example if the spaces are filled with fruit trees. Fourth is the fact that a green space provides an opportunity to participate in enhancing sustainability and thus providing solutions to existing ecosystems.

Overally going green is a strong driver that defines the future of real estate mainly because environmental sustainability is key for this sector.

Kate Khasoa-Kole (MSC., BaC/PR) is the Corporate Affairs Lead at Optiven Limited.