The last 60 days and nights have been a great time of engaging with all who nominated for the GoGreen Awards by Optiven #GGA2021. The ground is now set to review the nominations and advise on the qualifying nominees on 21/9/2021. The unveiling of the Judging Panel will be done soon to facilitate the process.

The process  attracted over 2,500 interests which culminated in over 1,500 nominations. The nominations were in 27 categories covering recycling, innovation, agriculture, construction and manufacturing among others. The inaugural GoGreen Awards by Optiven was officially launched on the 23rd of June 2021 at GMC Place in Kitengela and was officiated by the Chairman of the Optiven Foundation, Mr. George Wachiuri.

Speaking at the launch of the events, Wachiuri advised that the nominations would be open to all African countries in the different categories. He encouraged those in the small and medium enterprise space to be especially keen and take part in the awards which would provide an opportunity for them to showcase what they do.

According to Wachiuri, “the opportunity to partner with like minded game changers is at the heart of the GoGreen Awards and we are looking out to reward those making a difference from where they are, to the entire planet through sustainability.”

His sentiments come against a background of the UN Generation Restoration launch which will see youth engaged in environment restoration. In addition to this, the GoGreen Awards will be held on a backdrop of the Sustainable Development Goals launched by the United Nations in the year 2015 and whose score card is expected to come into sharp focus closer to the year 2030.

The GoGreen Awards were first announced at the launch of the GoGreen Initiative in June 2021. These followed the official launch of the GoGreen Initiative by Optiven at the Garden of Joy project located in the heart of Machakos County.

The initiative seeks to advocate for green living in it’s wholeness including from how we construct our houses, to planning our homesteads, use of organic fertilizers, to adapting a wholesome health regime, embracing recycling, to innovation in management of resources as well as adaptation of utility of renewable energy for fuel efficiency among others.

According to Wachiuri, the nominees in the different categories have shown great resilience and competence towards being nominated and thereafter win awards in the different categories. The judges in the awards process are skilled in their own craft and will work with the nominees to get the best fit for the winners of the 87 awards.

Wachiuri says, “we are looking to single out the best three in each of the categories which will be done independently by the judging panel who are drawn from different fields including academia, media and regulatory authorities among others.”


The GoGreen Awards are a project under the GoGreen Initiative by Optiven Group Foundation. Under the hashtag #GGA2021, the awards seek to highlight, promote and encourage best practices in Environmental Sustainability. The practices to be considered are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs launched in 2015 and which come to a strategic end in the year 2030.  The inaugural GoGreen Awards will be held on 11th December 2021 under the theme, “Greening Our Planet for a Better Future! ”.

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